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Eric Styer
CEO & Founder
Eric has over 20 years of experience, specializing in corporate and development standards. DXU, meaning design and you, stemmed from his ability to take a client's vision and turn it into a reality.
Jeremy Wilmot
Managing Principal
Jeremy's vast experience in multiple types of markets has gained the respect amongst our clients. His ability to manage our client's vision and happiness throughout all phases of their projects, proceeds his reputation.
Dave Gonzales
Managing Principal

Dave was one of the first senior associates to join the DXU team. With over 18 years of experience, Dave's attention to detail and responsiveness is unmatched.  

Anthony Volpe
Managing Principal

With over two decades of experience, Anthony helps educate our clients on the development and construction processes. He has never missed a deadline and will do whatever it takes to meet our client's milestones.

Emily Lindsey
RA LEED AP, Senior Project Manager
Emily is the example of how determination and commitment to design excellence makes DXU successful. Using her expertise, she ensures that our client’s vision and needs are achieved with superior quality.
Kaylee Ross
Senior Project Manager
Kaylee embodies an excellent project manager and team leader by paying attention to detail and mentoring her team. She has an entrepreneurial mindset that is shown through her growth in the company.
Timothy Condos
Senior Project Manager
Tim is extremely dedicated to his team and clients, making sure each person understands the project inside and out. He embodies the value's DXU upholds.

Our Team

Our noteworthy culture stems from the brilliant & extraordinary minds at our company. We strive to create an atmosphere where every person will succeed.

Three key words to describe our team are:
Innovative. At DXU,  our clients wants and needs come first. Our team's ability to create a unique design while adhering to local building codes and mechanical infrastructure, is unmatched.  
Team Oriented.  Through hands on training, workshops, and transparent communication, we want to encourage our team members to continue to grow. This means guiding and inspiring each person to become DXU's future leaders. 
Dedicated. All of our team member's are devoted to their projects. Through active listening and brainstorming sessions, our team is able create successful outcomes - from operations to leadership.

Career Opportunities

If you're an individual that has experience in architecture and design, embodying the characteristics we look for in our team, please follow our LinkedIn for job updates or email us with any questions.

To see available jobs or apply, click below:

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